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Tips on How to Get More Sponsors for Your Upcoming Event

Learning how to identify reliable potential sponsors and then sending out personalized sponsorship packets to potential private or corporate sponsors on your list can dramatically increase your chances of getting more sponsors for your upcoming event. Whether you plan to host a special event such as a wedding or a gala dinner, a music event, a sports event, a seminar, a trade conference or even a non-profit event, it is in your best interest to start working diligently and proactively on getting potential sponsorships well in advance, especially if you have a deadline. A time frame of three to five months is typically necessary for improved sponsorship results. Below are a few tips to get more sponsors for an event.
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Make a list of actual potential companies

It is however important to be realistic in your search for sponsorship and although aiming high improves your odds, you should refrain from getting your hopes up by putting on the list corporations that would not even consider your request, due to lack of mutual interests. When making your list, you should always take into account the logical match between them and the type of the event you are planning to hold. For instance, if you are holding a music event, consider as potential sponsors companies or ventures whose activity is related to the music industry, such as local music TV stations, radio stations or music magazines. Companies which have sponsored other events similar in nature with your upcoming event and those which have sponsored your previous events should be on your list. Be thorough in your research of each company you place on your list and think logically why the potential company will benefit from sponsoring your event.

Know Your Recipient

Attendees in singapore event hallBefore starting sending out various sponsorship packages, it is critical to know that they will reach the right people in the company. This makes a big difference in terms of actually improving your chances of gaining sponsorship. Linkedin is a great source that can assist you with finding the correct people to call or send via email your request for sponsorship. It is best to approach the business owner, general manager or someone holding a high position within the company. Given their extremely busy work schedule, you will probably have more chances of getting their attention if you send them an email in which you attach an individualized sponsorship packet in PDF, rather than calling them directly ( it would not hurt trying though). Timing is also important – improve your chances of getting through to your recipient if you send the email ( or call) outside the office hours, preferably very early in the morning or late in the evening ( Key people in the company typically leave the company office late and come in before the rest of the employees).

Put together and Send out Personalized Sponsorship Packs

Event sponsorship packagesAny sponsorship package should be well-organized and professional in every sense. Also, it should include a mission statement or executive summary about your event. A 300-word summary should be sufficient, yet it should entice them to continue reading. You should cover details about the event, the attendees, the reason you seek a sponsor and more importantly, how sponsoring your event will benefit their business (now is the time to prove you researched the company thoroughly, by referencing their business plans, goals and audience ). Once you have captivated their attention, list out different sponsorship levels that potential sponsoring corporations may pledge to, while going into detail about specific advantages for their business in accordance with each level ( such as promotional opportunities, media coverage and increased customer base). Play your cards right, but make sure you can keep your end of the bargain. End each individualized pack with a call to action that includes your contact information in the event they accept the sponsorship deal. Wait a couple of days and in case you do not hear from them, call them and ask them courteously if they have received your package and if they have any questions. Remember to thank them properly.

To sum up, first of all you need to do your research properly in order to find out the most suitable companies you wish to approach for sponsorship purposes. These companies are your best bets, so make sure you bark at the right tree. They should fit perfectly your event profile. Use Linkedin or other resources to find out contact details of important people with decision-making attributes. Create individualized and attractive sponsorship packages to each of the companies and then customize your approach to each actual sponsor for more sponsorship effects by addressing key parameters such as increased brand awareness, growth and profitability.

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